Pharmacy Technician Careers


Simply put, pharmacy technicians help licensed pharmacists provide medication and other health care products to patients. In these highly desirable positions, pharmacy technicians typically work behind the counter at retail pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Jobs for pharmacy technicians are expected to grow by an astonishing 32% by 2016 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The increasing number of middle-aged and elderly people in America has spurred a great demand for more pharmacies and in turn, pharmacy technicians.

All of this makes a career in pharmacy technology an excellent, entry-level position.

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When it comes to hiring pharmacy technicians, employers like to see formal training or certification. Employers may not have the time or resources to train on the job so they are more likely to hire people who already have the education or certification that they need. For those interested in the healthcare field, we have compiled a list of degrees that will help you secure a great career. Click on any of these degrees to get more information.





Pharmacy Technician Allied Health Sciences Health Care Administration Pharmacy Technology
Medical Office Specialist Clinical Medical Assisting    
  Medical Coding & Billing    

What do Pharmacy Technicians do?


Pharmacy technicians work alongside pharmacists and help them fill orders and prepare medication. In order to best aid the pharmacist, when customers bring new prescriptions in to be filled or refilled, the pharmacy technician processes the prescription form and often enters it into the computer.

Once the prescription is in, the first job of a pharmacy technician is to check the prescription to be sure that it is complete and accurate. After that, the pharmacy technician must retrieve, count, pour, weigh, measure, label and sometimes mix medications. All of this is done under the supervision of a trained pharmacist. The main difference between a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician is that pharmacists provide advice on medication and possible side effects and also work closely with the doctor to plan treatments. Unlike a pharmacist, training to become a pharmacy technician can be completed in as little as 12 months.

Once the prescription is filled, technicians price and file the prescription, which must be checked by a pharmacist before it is given to the patient. Pharmacy Technicians interact with patients at the pharmacy and via phone regarding pick-ups, refills, insurance information and general customer service.


Pharmacy Technician Job Outlook


America is on the edge of a surge in the population of retirees. In the next few years, more and more people will be subject to the trials of age resulting in a growing demand for healthcare professionals who are trained in pharmacy practice. Careers in heath care will boom and the people in position to fill that boom will enjoy great success.

Pharmacy technician jobs are expected to grow at an amazing rate of 32% by 2016. Our country is getting older, and there is an ever-increasing need for medicine and the people to dispense medication. As scientific advances create treatments for an increasing number of conditions, more pharmacy technicians will be needed to fill a growing number of prescriptions.


Pharmacy Technician Salaries


Salaries for pharmacy technicians vary depending on the setting in which you work. Different industries and the degree of education required for those industries can also lead to differences in salary for more qualified individuals.



Hourly wage


Annual wage

Health and Personal Care Stores  $12.57 $26,150
Hospitals $14.88 $30,950
Grocery Stores  $13.32 $27,700
Department Stores  $12.13 $25,230
General Merchandise Stores $12.42 $25,840
Offices of Dentists  $21.60 $44,930
Research and Development $17.89 $37,220
Federal Government $17.59 $36,590
Local Government $17.19 $35,750
Corporate $16.52 $34,370

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